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Autumnal Awakening – Autumn Tarot Spread

Embrace the transformative energy of autumn with the Autumnal Awakening Tarot Spread. This 12-card autumn tarot spread is your guide through the season of change, encouraging introspection and personal growth.

Why This Spread?

Autumn is a time of transition, reflecting nature’s cycle of letting go to make way for new growth. This spread helps you align with these natural rhythms, shedding what no longer serves you and preparing for the renewal ahead.

Autumn tarot spread
Autumnal awakening position | tarot with gord

Layout Instructions and Card Meanings:

  • Arrange the cards in a pattern that mimics falling leaves, symbolising the gradual descent into a deeper understanding of yourself and your path.
  • Start from the top, placing the cards in a zigzag formation to capture the essence of autumn’s gentle release.
  1. Current State: Your starting point for the year.
  2. Leave Behind: What to release from the past year.
  3. Past Lessons: Insights gained that can guide you.
  4. New Focus: Priorities for the upcoming year.
  5. Challenges: Hurdles you might encounter.
  6. Overcoming: Strategies for tackling challenges.
  7. Opportunities: Fortunate possibilities ahead.
  8. Maximizing Opportunities: How to leverage upcoming chances.
  9. Personal Growth: Areas for self-development.
  10. Self-Improvement: Key focus for personal enhancement.
  11. Relationships: Interpersonal dynamics in the new year.
  12. Overall Theme: The overarching vibe for your year.

Tarot’s Role in Mastering Life’s Transformations

Understanding Change

Autumn teaches us about the beauty of letting go. This spread helps you embrace the changes, guiding you through the process with wisdom and grace.

Embracing the New

As you shed old habits and perspectives, you’re making room for new growth. This spread illuminates the path to embracing these fresh opportunities with open arms.

Visualising Growth

Anticipate the personal evolution that this season can bring. The Autumnal Awakening spread encourages you to visualize your journey, preparing you for what lies ahead.

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