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Empowerment Expedition Tarot Spread

Set forth on an Empowerment Expedition with this Tarot Spread, designed to redefine your self-image, discover sources of strength and vulnerability, and forge a path to empowerment aligned with your values and support system.

Why This Spread?

This spread is crafted for those ready to embark on a transformative journey toward self-empowerment, offering a roadmap to personal strength, resilience, and fulfilment.

Empowerment expedition tarot spread | tarot with gord
Empowerment expedition positions edited | tarot with gord

Layout Instructions and Card Meanings:

  • Place Card 1 at the base as the starting point of your self-image.
  • Arrange Cards 2-3 on either side of Card 1, Card 4 directly above, followed by Card 5, and Cards 6-7 on either side of Card 5.
  • Position Card 8 above Card 5 and Cards 9-10 flanking Card 8, creating an upward trajectory symbolising the journey towards an empowered self.
  1. Current self-image
  2. Sources of power
  3. Sources of pain
  4. Overcoming limitations
  5. Core values
  6. First step to empowerment
  7. Second step to empowerment
  8. Your support system
  9. Vision of empowered self (1)
  10. Vision of empowered self (2)

tarot’s role in self-empowerment

Redefining self-image

Begin by examining how you view yourself and the narratives you hold. This card sets the groundwork for a transformative self-reassessment, challenging you to evolve beyond limiting beliefs.

Unveiling sources of power and pain

Identify the dual forces shaping your journey: your strengths and vulnerabilities. This insight encourages a balanced understanding of your power, guiding you to harness it effectively while addressing areas of pain.

Crafting a vision of the empowered self

Envision the ultimate expression of your empowered self. This part of the spread inspires you to imagine your potential fully realized, motivating steps towards achieving personal empowerment and fulfilment.

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