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Hearts Entwined Tarot Spread

The Hearts Entwined Tarot Spread intricately examines the fabric of your relationship, revealing the strengths, challenges, and growth paths for you and your partner. It’s a comprehensive look at the foundation and potential future of your bond, crafted for those seeking to deepen their connection.

Why This Spread?

This spread is for couples looking to gain profound insights into their relationship’s core, offering clarity on how both partners view the bond and highlighting the collective journey towards growth and happiness.

Hearts entwined tarot spread | tarot with gord
Hearts entwined positions edited | tarot with gord

Layout Instructions and Card Meanings:

  • Place Card 1 at the centre, forming the core.
  • Cards 2-3 are positioned slightly above and on either side of Card 1.
  • Card 4 is placed above Card 1, with Card 5 below Card 1.
  • Cards 6-7 are placed on either side in the middle of Cards 1 and 5.
  • Card 8 goes below Card 5.
  • Cards 9-10 are positioned below Cards 6 and 7, slightly under Card 5, creating a diamond shape.
  1. Core of the relationship: The foundation.
  2. Your perspective: How you view the relationship.
  3. Partner’s perspective: How they the relationship.
  4. Strengths together: What binds you.
  5. Shared challenges: Obstacles faced together.
  6. Your pathway to growth: Your directions for development.
  7. Partner’s pathway to growth: Their directions for development.
  8. External influences: How the world affects you.
  9. Future of the connection (1): – A potential trajectory.
  10. Future of the connection (2): Another potential trajectory.

Tarot’s Role in Relationship Exploration

Unearthing the Relationship’s Core

Get to the heart of your connection, understanding the foundation upon which your relationship stands. This spread aids in recognizing the essence of your bond, offering clarity on both partners’ perspectives and shared values.

Strengthening Your Union

Learn about the shared strengths that bind you together and how to navigate the challenges you face as a couple. This tarot spread provides the guidance needed to reinforce your relationship, ensuring you grow together in harmony.

Navigating Growth and Change

Chart a course for mutual development and future potential. By identifying individual and collective growth pathways, this spread prepares you to embrace change, adapt, and flourish as partners in life’s journey.

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