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Liminal Lobotomy Tarot Spread

Navigate life’s transitions with clarity using the Liminal Lobotomy Tarot Spread. This transformative layout is tailored to guide you through significant changes, providing insight and actionable advice.

Why This Spread?

Transitions can be daunting, but they’re also growth opportunities. This spread is designed to help you understand the dynamics of change and how to emerge stronger.

Liminal lobotomy | tarot with gord
Liminal lobotomy positions | tarot with gord

Layout Instructions and Card Meanings:

  • Lay out Cards 1 to 5 in a horizontal line to reflect your current phase.
  • Arrange Cards 6 to 10 vertically, starting from the middle card of the first line, to symbolize your ascent and potential.
  1. Current Life Phase: Where you are now.
  2. Shifts and Changes: What is evolving in your life.
  3. Adaptation: Strategies for adjusting to change.
  4. Challenges: Obstacles encountered during this transition.
  5. Opportunities: Unseen prospects within this change.
  6. Release: What you need to let go of.
  7. Embrace: What to accept into your life.
  8. Transition Advice: Guidance for a smooth change.
  9. Potential Growth: How you might develop from this change.
  10. Life Shift Outcome: The likely result of your current transformations.

Tarot’s Role in Mastering Life’s Transformations

Understanding Change

Dive deep into the currents of transformation. This section of the spread helps you understand the underlying reasons for the changes you’re experiencing. Recognizing the ‘why’ behind the shift is crucial for navigating your journey with clarity and purpose.

Embracing the New

Change often requires us to let go of the old and welcome new opportunities. This part of the reading focuses on identifying what needs to be released to make room for growth. It guides you in embracing the new phases of your life with openness and optimism.

Visualizing Growth

Envision the possibilities that change brings. This segment encourages you to look forward to the potential growth resulting from these transitions. By visualizing your future, you prepare yourself to step into a new reality filled with purpose and promise.

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