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Mirror Moment Tarot Spread

Reconnect with yourself through the Mirror Moment Tarot Spread. It’s a personal check-in that goes beyond the surface to address all facets of self-care.

Why This Spread?

This spread is for those seeking to deepen their self-care routine beyond the basics, targeting areas that often go unnoticed.

Mirror moment | tarot with gord
Mirror moment positions | tarot with gord

Layout Instructions and Card Meanings:

  • Arrange the cards in a vertical line to mirror the alignment of your chakras and energy flow.
  • Start from the bottom with your current state and work upwards toward practices to enhance your well-being.
  1. Current Self-Care Energy: Where you are now with your self-care.
  2. Neglected Areas: Aspects of self-care you may have overlooked.
  3. Better Nurture: How you can improve your self-nurturing practices.
  4. Emotional Needs: Emotional aspects needing attention.
  5. Physical Needs: Your body’s call for care.
  6. Spiritual Needs: Spiritual practices to consider or enhance.
  7. Adoptable Practice: A new self-care practice to embrace.

Tarot’s Role in Enhancing Self-Care Practices

Reflecting on Needs

Discover the different dimensions of self-care that are vital for your overall well-being and how to address them effectively.

Balancing Care

Balance is key in self-care. This spread helps you find the right mix of emotional, physical, and spiritual practices to maintain harmony.

Adopting New Practices

Open yourself to new ways of self-care that resonate with your current state, encouraging growth and renewal.

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