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New Year’s Reboot – New Year’s Tarot Spread

Welcome to the threshold of a new beginning with the New Year’s Reboot Tarot Spread. This 12-card spread is your guide to closing old chapters and welcoming new opportunities with open arms.

Why This Spread?

Embrace the power of renewal this New Year. This spread is designed to help you reflect on the past and plan for a future filled with growth, challenges overcome, and seized opportunities.

New years reboot | tarot with gord
Seasonal positions | tarot with gord

Layout Instructions and Card Meanings:

  • Arrange the cards in a circle, akin to a clock, to symbolise the cycle of the coming year.
  • Begin at the 1 o’clock position and place each card clockwise, marking the journey from where you are now to where you aim to be.
  1. Current State: Your starting point for the year.
  2. Leave Behind: What to release from the past year.
  3. Past Lessons: Insights gained that can guide you.
  4. New Focus: Priorities for the upcoming year.
  5. Challenges: Hurdles you might encounter.
  6. Overcoming: Strategies for tackling challenges.
  7. Opportunities: Fortunate possibilities ahead.
  8. Maximizing Opportunities: How to leverage upcoming chances.
  9. Personal Growth: Areas for self-development.
  10. Self-Improvement: Key focus for personal enhancement.
  11. Relationships: Interpersonal dynamics in the new year.
  12. Overall Theme: The overarching vibe for your year.

Tarot’s Role in Embracing New Beginnings

Setting Intentions

Start your year with clarity and purpose. Reflect on your aspirations and set achievable goals to guide your journey.

Navigating the Year

Equipped with insights from this spread, approach the new year with confidence. Ready yourself for both challenges and blessings, using this spread as your compass.

Celebrating Growth

As the year unfolds, revisit your spread. Celebrate the milestones achieved and lessons learned, acknowledging your evolution and resilience.

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