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Professional Shakedown Tarot Spread

Stuck in a career conundrum? The Professional Shakedown Tarot Spread is designed to clarify your work situation, from current energies to potential opportunities.

Why This Spread?

Whether you’re climbing the ladder or hitting a wall, this spread is your strategic partner in navigating the professional maze. It’s tailored to shed light on the immediate, practical aspects of your career and the steps to take towards fulfilment and success.

Professional shakedown | tarot with gord
Professional shakedown positions edited | tarot with gord

Layout Instructions and Card Meanings:

  • Begin with a horizontal line of three cards, pinpointing the current state of your career.
  • The fourth and fifth cards, positioned above and below the central card, represent your work-life balance and how to harness your strengths.
  • Conclude with the final two cards on the right side, guiding you towards satisfaction and growth.
  1. Current Career Energy: Your present work atmosphere.
  2. Hidden Opportunities: Prospects you may be overlooking.
  3. Challenges Ahead: Obstacles on the horizon.
  4. Utilizing Skills: Leveraging your abilities for advancement.
  5. Work-Life Balance: Finding equilibrium.
  6. Career Satisfaction: Cultivating contentment in your vocation.
  7. Next Steps: Progressing on your career ladder.

Tarot’s Role in Empowering Your Professional Journey

Career Mapping

This spread acts as a strategic map for navigating your career landscape, helping you to identify key areas for action and reflection.

Skill Optimization

Discover how to put your unique talents to work effectively, optimizing your professional potential.

Strategic Growth

Plan your career trajectory with a forward-thinking approach, ensuring each step aligns with your broader life goals.

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