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Six Months Ahead Tarot Spread

Prepare for the half-year ahead with a spread that captures the ebb and flow of your life’s currents. This layout helps you pinpoint where to direct your energy and focus for personal evolution.

Why This Spread?

When life feels like a maze, the Six Months Ahead Tarot Spread offers a bird’s-eye view. It’s for anyone seeking guidance on their life’s journey, providing a detailed forecast to navigate through the coming months.

Six months ahead tarot spread | tarot with gord
Six months ahead positions edited | tarot with gord

Layout Instructions and Card Meanings:

  • Card 1 (Center): Your current state or energy.
  • Card 2 (Top): What’s preoccupying your mind.
  • Card 3 (Bottom): What’s weighing on your heart.
  • Cards 4 & 5 (Left, Above & Below Card 1): Internal challenges and external threats.
  • Cards 6 & 7 (Right, Above & Below Card 1): Driving forces and sources of support.
  • Cards 8-10 (Middle Left): Immediate future – the themes for the first three months.
  • Cards 11-13 (Middle Right): Longer-term outlook – the themes for the following three months.

This circular layout not only gives you insight into the present but also charts out a monthly guide for half a year. It’s a blend of reflection and foresight, designed to give you the clarity you need when facing life’s crossroads.

Tarot’s Role in Personal Forecasting

Insight and Preparation

The Six Months Ahead Tarot Spread acts as your personal roadmap, offering insights into internal and external factors that can influence your trajectory. Use it as a tool for preparation, reflection, and personal alignment.

Balance and Focus

Identify what to embrace and what to avoid as you navigate life’s complexities. This spread helps you maintain balance and sharpen your focus on the areas that matter most.

Anticipate and Strategize

Anticipate upcoming challenges and opportunities. Strategize your actions each month, leveraging the Tarot’s wisdom to make the most of the upcoming half-year.

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