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Spring Clean – Spring Tarot Spread

Spring heralds a time of renewal and growth. The Spring Clean Tarot Spread is designed to mirror this seasonal transformation, guiding you through a process of personal rejuvenation.

Why This Spread?

This spread is perfect for those looking to align with the revitalising energy of spring. It’s about identifying what needs to be cleared away, what to nurture, and how to prepare for the blossoming opportunities ahead.

Spring clean | tarot with gord
Seasonal positions | tarot with gord

Layout Instructions and Card Meanings:

  • Arrange the 12 cards in a circular pattern resembling a clock to symbolise the cycle of renewal.
  • Begin at the 1 o’clock position and place each card clockwise, marking different aspects of your life to reflect upon and improve.
  1. Current Position: Understanding where you stand.
  2. Emerging Growth: Identifying new beginnings.
  3. Shedding Habits: Recognizing what to let go of.
  4. Nourishing Growth: How to support your new beginnings.
  5. Upcoming Challenges: Preparing for potential obstacles.
  6. Overcoming Challenges: Strategies for smooth sailing.
  7. Budding Opportunities: Spotting new chances for success.
  8. Seizing Opportunities: Best practices for advantage.
  9. Personal Growth: Areas for self-improvement this season.
  10. Balance and Rejuvenation: Maintaining equilibrium.
  11. Relationships in Bloom: Nurturing connections.
  12. Season’s Vibe: The overall energy of your spring.

Tarot’s Role in Embracing Spring’s Potential

Renewal and Growth

Spring is a powerful reminder of nature’s resilience and growth. This spread encourages you to embrace the season’s potential for renewal in your own life.

Clarity and Action

Gain clarity on what needs cleansing from your life and the actions required to nurture your growth. Spring is the perfect time to set intentions and act on them.

Harmonizing with the Season

Align your energy with the season’s natural cycle of rebirth. This spread is a tool for synchronizing your personal journey with the rhythms of nature.

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