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Discover Empowering Tarot Readings in Manchester and Online

Embrace clarity and peace of mind on your path with practical, grounded tarot insights. Whether you’re at a crossroads or seeking deeper understanding, I’m here to illuminate the way forward and help you navigate life’s transitions. Book a tarot reading in Manchester or online today!
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Step into Authentic Clarity with Tarot Readings in Manchester or Online

Discover the path to genuine clarity and empowerment with tarot readings in Manchester or online with Gord. Moving beyond the conventional, I offer a tarot experience that cuts through the spiritual noise, guiding you towards personal truth and present-moment transformation. This video captures the essence of our journey together – a direct, no-nonsense approach to tarot, where authenticity and practical insights pave the way for your spiritual awakening.

Transformative Tarot Experiences Await

Embark on a tarot journey uniquely tailored to your life’s narrative. With Tarot with Gord, each reading is an opportunity for profound personal exploration, offering insights that resonate deeply with your present challenges and aspirations. From navigating life’s transitions to unlocking your inner potential, discover how tarot can be a tool for genuine transformation and growth.

Unlock Your True Potential

Deep Personal Insights

Unlock a deeper understanding of your personal journey with readings that reflect your individual story and challenges. Gain insight into relationships and career guidance that provide clarity and peace of mind.

Empowerment Through Guidance

Gain actionable guidance that empowers your decisions, helping you navigate life with confidence and clarity. Feel reassured and more confident in your path forward by booking tarot readings in Manchester or online with Gord

Authentic Spiritual Connection

Connect with the authentic essence of your spiritual path, finding peace and direction in the present moment. Experience personalised and intuitive guidance that resonates with your true self.

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Meet Gord – Your Guide to Enlightened Tarot

My journey from seeking within traditional confines to discovering the liberating power of tarot has shaped a unique approach to guidance – one rooted in authenticity, empathy, and actionable insights. As your guide, I’m dedicated to illuminating the path ahead with readings that resonate with your true self and the realities of your journey.

A non-binary spiritual guide offering tarot readings in manchester

Hear From Those Who’ve Walked the Path

  • Gord was spot on with their tarot and oracle interpretations for me. They were so clear and kind. I loved the meditations and I feel the reading really resonated with what’s going on with me. It was a self-love reading and I needed it. Thank you so much!
    5 star tarot reading

Ready to Discover Your Tarot Path?

Whether you’re seeking clarity, facing a crossroads, or curious about what the cards reveal about your journey, I’m here to guide you. Explore the depths of your story and potential with tarot readings in Manchester or online tailored just for you.

Tarot with Gord Events

Catch My Tarot Events Live and Online

Keep your eyes peeled for when I pop up at festivals, markets, and public events both in and around Manchester and online. These are fantastic chances to dive into my live tarot readings in Manchester and join in on one-of-a-kind workshops. Make sure to regularly check this section for the latest schedule updates, and come hang out with me either in person or virtually for these unforgettable tarot experiences.

  • Manchester tarot logo | tarot with gord

    Reading Room

    Saturday 15th June 2024 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

    Transcend Studio, Bridgewater Mill, Legh Street, Eccles, M30 0UT

    I'm here to offer insights with tarot. Just drop in; no booking, no hassle—straight to the heart of your questions.

  • We invented the weekend scaled | tarot with gord

    We Invented the Weekend 2024

    Sunday 16th June 2024 10:30 am – 4:00 pm

    Hexagon Room, The Lowry, Pier 8, The Quays, Salford, M50 3AZ

    I'm going to be at the We Invented the Weekend festival at The Lowry, offering personalised tarot readings as part of the Transcend Tribe. I'll help you gain insights and clarity on love, career, and personal growth, and I'll also have a selection of tarot decks and books available for purchase. Join me for a transformative experience – I can't wait to connect with you!

  • Manchester tarot logo | tarot with gord

    Reading Room

    Saturday 22nd June 2024 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

    Transcend Studio, Bridgewater Mill, Legh Street, Eccles, M30 0UT

    Join me for a tarot reading to uncover new paths and opportunities. No appointment necessary—just come in and explore.

  • Whatsapp image 2024 05 24 at 12. 21. 47 | tarot with gord

    WellQueer Social

    Saturday 6th July 2024 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

    Transcend Studio, Bridgewater Mill, Legh Street, Eccles, M30 0UT

    A transformative monthly event designed specifically for the LGBTQ community. Immerse yourself in a holistic journey of well-being, where mind, body, and spirit are embraced in a safe, inclusive space. Hosted by Liv, Paulo, and Gord, this event aims to foster connection, relaxation, and personal growth. Different themes will vary across the events with the first social focusing on QUEER SELF LOVE At WellQueer, you'll begin your experience with a rejuvenating Qi Gong flow, where gentle movements and mindful breathing guide you towards inner balance. Next, ease into a tranquil sound bath and meditation, allowing soothing & loving frequencies to wash over you and release any stress or tension. This calming atmosphere creates the perfect setting for the final segment, a reflective space dedicated to journaling and affirmation writing. We aim to offer support, connectedness AND VIBES ✨

  • Simply tarot course e1716233799758 | tarot with gord

    Simply Tarot Course – In Person

    Sunday 1st September 2024 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

    Transcend Studio, Bridgewater Mill, Legh Street, Eccles, M30 0UT

    Join me for an immersive 8-week journey into the mystical world of tarot. This course will deepen your connection to your intuition and empower you with the skills to interpret tarot cards with confidence. Engage in dynamic, interactive sessions that blend guided reflection, practical exercises, and personal insights to transform your understanding and practice of tarot. Note: When clicking “Book Now,” you may see the course marked as fully booked. This is because tickets have not yet been released. Please join the waiting list to be informed when tickets go live and secure your spot.

Can’t wait to see you there! And if you’re planning an event and want to add a dash of tarot magic, let’s chat.

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