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Tarot, Stripped of All Pretense.

Embark on a journey of discovery, with readings that cut through the fog to reveal the truth of your present.

Begin Your Authentic Tarot Experience
Tarot with gord - tarot without the bs
Three tarot cards in a fan

A No-BS Guide to Tarot

In a world filled with mysticism and vague promises, my tarot practice stands as a beacon of clarity and honesty. Here, tarot isn’t about distant, unfathomable futures but about the power of the present moment. With every card drawn and spread laid, I offer insights grounded in reality, tailored to guide you through life’s complexities.

The Power of Now

Central to my readings is the belief that true insight comes from understanding our current place in the world. Through meditation and reflection, we connect deeply with the cards, uncovering the paths available to us here and now.

Utilising spreads like the ‘Mirror Moment’ and ‘Inspiration Unfucker,’ I dive into your current challenges and opportunities, offering guidance that’s both practical and profoundly personal.

Ten tarot cards in a circle
Seven tarot cards in a spread

Rooting Your Reading in Reality

  • Meditation prefaces every reading, creating a space of focus and openness.
  • Reflection journals are provided post-reading, allowing you to continue your journey of insight and discovery.

Embracing Transition with Insight

Life is a series of transitions, and my tarot readings aim to light the way. The ‘Liminal Lobotomy’ spread is specifically designed for these moments, offering a comprehensive view of where you are, what’s changing, and how you can move forward with confidence.

Eight tarot cards in a spread
Ten tarot cards in a celtic cross spread

A Spectrum of Possibilities

Rejecting binary constraints, my readings acknowledge the fluidity of the human experience. Whether exploring the balance of energies with the ‘Natal Neurosis’ spread or uncovering the dynamics of personal growth, we recognize and celebrate the vast spectrum of being.

Honest Insights for Real Growth

My commitment is to the truth, however challenging it may be. With a straightforward, compassionate approach, I provide the insights you need to hear, guiding you to confront, understand, and embrace your reality.

Seven tarot cards in a fan

Your Path Awaits

Ready to explore tarot without the BS? To engage with the present, face your truths, and discover actionable paths forward? Book your reading today and step into a journey of genuine insight and empowerment.

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