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You Deserve More Than Predictions; Experience a Tarot Reading That Transforms Your Life!

Having conducted thousands of readings, I’ve witnessed firsthand how unique each person’s life tapestry is. That’s why every session with me is bespoke, reflecting your personal narrative and the specific chapters you’re navigating. Gain insights into relationships and career guidance tailored to your story.

Tarot readings in manchester with gord
Navigate change with manchester tarot reader gord.

A tarot reading should do more than forecast your future—it should empower you to craft it. Together, we’ll delve into your concerns and aspirations, unlocking insights that resonate deeply with your spirit and circumstances. Many clients have shared how my readings provided profound clarity and renewed determination to follow their true paths.

Tarot readings with me are a sanctuary for self-discovery. I’ll engage with you to understand your current life’s context—uncovering fears, desires, and the paths you’re curious to explore. This isn’t just a reading; it’s a journey we undertake together, tailored precisely to your needs. Feel reassured and more confident as you navigate life’s transitions.

Each card drawn, from the first to the last, is a guidepost in your life’s journey, tailored specifically to your story. Whether it’s love, career, or personal growth, the insights provided will be unique and relevant to you. Experience personalised and intuitive guidance that resonates with your true self.

After our time together, you’ll leave not just with predictions but with a clear set of actionable insights. Many clients have shared how my readings marked a new beginning for them, offering clarity, peace of mind and renewed determination to follow their true paths. Discover the peace and direction in the present moment that my readings provide.

Uncover your truth with gord, the no bullshit tarot reader in manchester

What People Have Said

Gord did a very detailed and spot-on reading. Very emotional to listen to, highlighted a LOT that I’ve been holding back. Will be booking another very soon and hopefully the new life changes will reflect in the cards.


5 stars | tarot with gord

I had a beautiful afternoon with Gord. The reading was thoughtful and felt like a conversation, not just a one-way information stream. Highly recommend for a no-nonsense but kind reading!


5 stars | tarot with gord

Phenomenal reader, I had a three-card reading with 2 oracle cards. It was all info I desperately needed to hear to help me move on and heal from a difficult period in my life. Honestly cannot recommend it enough.


5 stars | tarot with gord

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