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Discover Transformational Tarot Readings with Gord – Unveil Your Path

Choose your adventure

Welcome to Tarot with Gord, where your journey of self-discovery and empowerment begins. Choose the experience that suits you best: the personal touch of an in-person session or the convenience of an online reading. My tarot readings are tailored to your unique path, offering insights and clarity.

Unveiling Clarity and Empowering Insights

A Refreshing Approach to Tarot Readings

Navigating Life’s Uncertainties with Tarot

Feeling lost in the complexities of life? You’re not alone. In this world brimming with uncertainty, it’s easy to feel adrift, struggling to find your path. Traditional methods might leave you more perplexed, offering no real direction or comfort.

The Frustration of Surface-Level Readings

You’ve probably encountered tarot readers who echo what you want to hear, giving you fleeting comfort but no substantial guidance. Or perhaps you’ve been overwhelmed by encounters with mediums or spirit guides, leaving you more baffled than before. It’s a common story – seeking clarity, but finding yourself back at square one, grappling with spiritual stagnancy.

Embrace Authentic Guidance

Now, imagine a different path. A tarot experience where each card unfolds a layer of your life, offering insights grounded in reality, yet deeply connected to the spiritual realm. My approach to tarot readings deviates from the norm, focusing on authenticity and relevance. Here, we dive into the present, uncovering truths hidden within the cards, and providing practical guidance to navigate your life with clarity and purpose.

Welcome to my world of tarot – a space where genuine insight replaces vague predictions, and where each reading empowers you to take confident strides on your journey. Let’s cut through the confusion and noise, unveiling the clarity you’ve been seeking all along.

Gord holding a tarot card. Tarot reading in manchester
Tarot readings and meditations with gord

Connect Deeply with In-Person Tarot Readings

Personalised Tarot Experiences in Salford and Manchester

Choose the setting that resonates with you: the cosy atmosphere of my home near MediaCity or the peaceful vibes of Transcend Studios in Manchester. My in-person readings are as much about connection as they are about revelation.

Experience the Convenience of Online Tarot Readings

Bringing Insight to Your Space

Embrace the adaptability of online readings. Whether it’s a live Zoom session or a bespoke recorded reading, experience the magic of tarot from anywhere.

Online tarot readings with gord

Exclusive Tarot Experiences

A Journey Beyond Traditional Readings

Discover premium Tarot Experiences that go beyond the norm. Each session is a fusion of in-depth tarot readings, customised digital reflection journals, and unique guided meditations, crafted for those seeking a profound spiritual journey.

Seasonal Special:

Spring clean | tarot with gord

12+ cards | 60 mins | £90

As the world awakens, so too should your spirit. The Spring Clean reading taps into the fresh energy of the season, helping you clear out the old and make space for new growth and beginnings. In twelve cards, let’s harness the vibrant vibes of spring together, setting the stage for personal renewal and blossoming possibilities.

Natal neurosis | tarot with gord

10+ cards | 60 mins | £80

Celebrate another trip around the sun with Natal Neurosis, a birthday reading designed to spark introspection and growth. In 10 cards we’ll unpack the past year’s lessons, discover what to embrace in the year ahead, and light up your journey with actionable insights. It’s not just a reading; it’s a birthday revolution for your soul.

Liminal lobotomy | tarot with gord

10+ cards | 60 mins | £80

Standing at life’s crossroads can be daunting. Liminal Lobotomy offers a beacon of clarity and direction amidst change. This session is 10 cards tailored to help you confidently navigate transitions, and identify challenges, opportunities, and growth areas. Embrace change with a clear mind and a heart full of purpose.

Romance autopsy | tarot with gord

7+ cards | 45 mins | £60

Dive deep into the heart of your relationships with Romance Autopsy. This 7-card reading dissects love’s complexities, offering raw, honest insights into your connections. Understand your needs, navigate communication hurdles, and uncover the future direction of your relationships with unflinching clarity.

Professional shakedown | tarot with gord

7+ cards | 45 mins | £60

Tangled in career confusion? Professional Shakedown cuts through the noise, offering a laser-focused reading on your career path. In 7 cards, discover hidden opportunities, tackle challenges head-on, and chart a course for satisfying career growth. It’s real talk for your professional journey, minus the fluff.

Inspiration unfucker | tarot with gord

7+ cards | 45 mins | £60

Creativity blocked? Inspiration Unfucker is your creative catalyst, 7 cards designed to dissolve blockages and reignite your muse. Explore the root causes of your creative stagnation and receive practical steps to unleash your potential. Say goodbye to creative ruts and hello to boundless inspiration.

Mirror moment | tarot with gord

7+ cards | 45 mins | £60

Self-care is more than pampering—it’s a deep dive into nurturing your whole self. Mirror Moment offers 7 cards of guidance on balancing emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Uncover neglected areas, receive tailored self-care strategies, and start practising self-love that truly resonates with your needs.

Tailored Tarot Readings

Focused Insights for Every Question

My range of standard tarot readings offers everything from concise, insight-focused sessions to comprehensive explorations. Choose the format that best suits your needs: online or in-person, and find clarity and guidance for your life’s questions.

Cut the bullshit tarot reading in manchester

3+ cards | 15 mins | £15

Dive straight into clarity with a no-nonsense, 15-minute session using at least 3 cards. Get the swift kick needed to advance without the fluff.

Get your shit together tarot reading in manchester | tarot with gord

5+ cards | 30 mins | £30

In 30 minutes, using at least 5 cards, this reading offers structured insights for life’s chaos. Perfect for actionable clarity and direction.

Balls to the wall tarot reading in manchester | tarot with gord

8+ cards | 45 mins | £45

Ready to go deep? This 45-minute session with at least 8 cards delves into relationships, careers, or specific situations with honesty, providing actionable steps and confidence.

The unfuckening tarot reading in manchester | tarot with gord

10+ cards | 60 mins | £60

Unpack complex matters with this 60-minute reading, using at least 10 cards. Gain profound insights into how life aspects intertwine, revealing paths to clarity and empowerment.

Deepen Your Insights with a Tarot Journal

Your Guide and Companion on the Tarot Journey

Enhance your tarot experience with the “Totally Tarotastic Journal,” your comprehensive guide to the tarot universe. This journal offers insights for every card and space for personal notes, making it an essential companion for your tarot journey.

Regular Tarot Journals for Recording Your Readings

For those focusing on documenting tarot readings, I offer a variety of tarot journals with about 30 unique covers. Each journal provides ample space for you to document and reflect on your readings, making it an ideal companion for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.

Totally tarotastic journal 1 | tarot with gord
The world tarot journal sofa | tarot with gord

Elevate Your Gatherings with Tarot

Infuse Your Events with Insight and Intrigue

Transform any event with the mystical allure of Tarot. My readings are perfect for a wide array of occasions, adding a unique and engaging dimension that guests will remember:

  • Casual Get-Togethers: Spice up your social gatherings or reunions with insightful tarot readings, bringing friends and family closer through shared mystical experiences.
  • Weddings and Celebrations: Add an element of magical intrigue to your wedding, anniversary, or engagement party, offering guests a memorable experience that complements the joyous occasion.
  • Birthday Bashes: Make birthday celebrations even more special with personalized tarot readings, offering reflective insights and fun, uplifting messages for the guest of honour and attendees.
  • Corporate Functions: Bring a novel and engaging activity to your corporate events, team-building sessions, or office parties, providing insightful tarot readings that spark conversations and team bonding.
  • Professional Events: Add a unique touch to conferences, workshops, or networking events with tarot readings, offering a creative and thought-provoking break from the usual.
  • Online Gatherings: Host an online tarot party for virtual get-togethers, remote celebrations, or digital corporate events, bringing people together across distances for a shared tarot experience.

Whether in-person or online, these Tarot sessions are tailored for any occasion, offering personalized insights and a touch of the mystical to your gatherings. Make your next event in Manchester or beyond truly unforgettable with Tarot with Gord.

What People Have Said

Gord is such a wonderful and insightful reader. I felt safe in their presence and I will definitely be back for another reading soon.


5 stars | tarot with gord

I was really pleased with the reading from Gord, explained everything and gave support throughout. Shall definitely come back 🙂


5 stars | tarot with gord

Thank you so much for the reading, it was really accurate and now I know what to do to push forward and not get dragged into my past. Thank you so much, Gord.


5 stars | tarot with gord


wtf is tarot?

Tarot is a system of 78 cards, dating back to the 14th century, that has been used for centuries for divination and cartomancy. But more than that, it’s a tool for understanding yourself, gaining insight into situations, and navigating the turbulent waters of life. The power of tarot comes not from the cards themselves, for their origins lie in simple playing cards. Rather, the power comes from the act of the person reading the cards connecting with their intuition. Each card represents a perspective, a stage in life, or an archetype, and can provide a mirror for us to see ourselves or our situations in a fresh light. Learn more.

so… are you a medium or something?

No, I’m not. Some tarot readers may claim to be able to communicate with those that have passed or offer mediumship readings, but that is not where my gifts lie. I aim to interpret the meaning of the cards in a way that enables you to explore your inner feelings and discover your future path. I am very intuitive thanks to my spiritual upbringing and meditation practice, but I am not a medium… sorry!

isn’t tarot evil or satanic or something?

Certainly not. There’s nothing to fear when getting a tarot reading (not with me anyway). Tarot is a tool, like meditation that we will use to help you find some clarity in your life. I won’t be inviting any spirits or ghosts or demons. Just me, you and some cards with nice pictures on them.

ok, i’m interested… but what should i expect?

If you’ve never been to an intuitive tarot reader or online psychic, then it’s understandable to be nervous. We’ll start with a quick introduction where I’ll explain how the spread you’ve chosen will work, which deck we’re using, etc. I will then pull the cards, and give you my interpretation and reflection, seeing what messages come up. I usually end with a meditation. I try to make things as light as possible, sometimes things get a bit emotional, but it’s always enlightening.

can you do your own tarot reading?

Yes! Absolutely, reading tarot for yourself is a fantastic way to keep your mental and spiritual life in check. If you’d like information about how to read tarot for yourself, check out my book Totally Tarotastic.

should i believe tiktok tarot readings?

A simple look on the TikTok tarot reading Reddit will tell you that there is a lot of controversy around tarot on TikTok. With any readings, I always say to judge things with your own intuition. If something resonates, then absolutely take that on board and use the information the cards provide to transform your life. However, if it doesn’t feel like it’s fitting, don’t force things. No reader gets it right 100% of the time!

are you jesus?

I am who you say I am…

But, obviously no. A lot of people seem to ask me this, I’m not quite sure why as I’m pretty sure I look NOTHING like a first-century Palestinian man… I hate to break it to you, but if you’re looking for a Messiah or God to worship, I’m not the one for you – sorry! (You can still tithe to me if you like though, I have no issue with that. Head over to my tip jar if you want to throw some money my way 😉)

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