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Unveil Your Path to Clarity and Empowerment with Online Tarot Readings

Connect with Me for a Tailored Tarot Experience

Choose Your Journey:
Online tarot readings with gord. Tarot online

Embark on a Personal Journey of Discovery

Join Me for a Transformative Live Tarot Reading Experience

Dive into a world where cards speak, and insights flow. My live tarot readings are more than a session; they’re a journey into the heart of your questions. Expect a blend of deep meditation, rich conversation, and clear, actionable insights. Whether you’re new to tarot or a seasoned seeker of truths, find the reading that resonates with your soul.

Booking Your Session:

Choose your desired reading, each tailored in duration and depth to meet your unique needs. After booking, you’ll receive a Zoom link. Join me in this virtual sacred space with a ready heart and an open mind.

Our Session Together:

We start with a grounding meditation, then delve into the cards. Each reading concludes with a meditation, ensuring you’re empowered to embrace the insights gained.

Tailored Insights for Every Aspect of Your Life

Explore Readings for Every Chapter of Your Journey

Love and Relationships: Unravel the mysteries of the heart.

Career and Work: Illuminate your professional path.

Self-Love and Personal Growth: Unlock your inner potential.

Spirituality and Inner Development: Embark on a spiritual quest.

Delve Into Personal Insights at Your Own Pace

Experience the Magic of Recorded Tarot Readings

Your path to clarity need not be confined to schedules. Opt for a recorded reading, and receive personalized guidance at your convenience. Audio or video, the choice is yours.

How It Works:

Book your session, and within 48 hours, receive a bespoke reading, complete with a PDF breakdown and meditation. It’s insight on your terms, ready when you are.

Online Exclusive Tarot Journeys

Digitally Tailored Spiritual Exploration

Discover my Online Tarot Experiences, blending readings, journals, and meditations for a holistic tarot journey. Choose from themes like Love, Career, and more to match your current chapter.

  • Seasonal Special

    Summer suns scorcher tarot spread | tarot with gord
    12 cards | 3 oracle cards | up to 60 minutes

    Embrace the vibrant energy of summer with the “Summer Sun Scorcher” tarot reading. In this dynamic 12-card spread, we’ll explore your current state, find ways to maximise joy, overcome challenges, and seize the season’s unique opportunities. This session is more than a reading; it’s a journey into the heart of summer, designed to help you thrive and grow. Let’s make this summer unforgettable!

  • Natal neurosis | tarot with gord
    10 cards | 3 oracle cards | up to 60 minutes

    Celebrate another trip around the sun with Natal Neurosis, a birthday reading designed to spark introspection and growth. In 10 cards we’ll unpack the past year’s lessons, discover what to embrace in the year ahead, and light up your journey with actionable insights. It’s not just a reading; it’s a birthday revolution for your soul.

  • Liminal lobotomy | tarot with gord
    10 cards | 3 oracle cards | up to 60 minutes

    Standing at life’s crossroads can be daunting. Liminal Lobotomy offers a beacon of clarity and direction amidst change. This session is 10 cards tailored to help you confidently navigate transitions, and identify challenges, opportunities, and growth areas. Embrace change with a clear mind and a heart full of purpose.

  • Romance autopsy | tarot with gord
    7 cards | 2 oracle cards | up to 45 minutes

    Dive deep into the heart of your relationships with Romance Autopsy. This 7-card reading dissects love’s complexities, offering raw, honest insights into your connections. Understand your needs, navigate communication hurdles, and uncover the future direction of your relationships with unflinching clarity.

  • Professional shakedown | tarot with gord
    7 cards | 2 oracle cards | up to 45 minutes

    Tangled in career confusion? Professional Shakedown cuts through the noise, offering a laser-focused reading on your career path. In 7 cards, discover hidden opportunities, tackle challenges head-on, and chart a course for satisfying career growth. It’s real talk for your professional journey, minus the fluff.

  • Inspiration unfucker | tarot with gord
    7 cards | 2 oracle cards | up to 45 minutes

    Creativity blocked? Inspiration Unfucker is your creative catalyst, 7 cards designed to dissolve blockages and reignite your muse. Explore the root causes of your creative stagnation and receive practical steps to unleash your potential. Say goodbye to creative ruts and hello to boundless inspiration.

  • Mirror moment | tarot with gord
    7 cards | 2 oracle cards | up to 45 minutes

    Self-care is more than pampering—it’s a deep dive into nurturing your whole self. Mirror Moment offers 7 cards of guidance on balancing emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Uncover neglected areas, receive tailored self-care strategies, and start practising self-love that truly resonates with your needs.

Convenient Online Tarot Readings

Your Virtual Guide for Clarity and Insight

Access intuitive tarot guidance online, whether through live Zoom calls or recorded sessions. Choose from a range of readings, each designed to cater to different needs and depths of inquiry.

  • Cut the bullshit tarot reading in manchester | tarot with gord
    3 cards | up to 15 minutes

    Dive straight into clarity with a no-nonsense, 15-minute session using at least 3 cards. Get the swift kick needed to advance without the fluff.

  • Get your shit together tarot reading in manchester | tarot with gord
    5 cards | 1 oracle cards | up to 30 minutes

    In 30 minutes, using at least 5 cards, this reading offers structured insights for life’s chaos. Perfect for actionable clarity and direction.

  • Balls to the wall tarot reading in manchester | tarot with gord
    7 cards | 2 oracle cards | up to 45 minutes

    Ready to go deep? This 45-minute session with at least 8 cards delves into relationships, careers, or specific situations with honesty, providing actionable steps and confidence.

  • The unfuckening tarot reading in manchester | tarot with gord
    10 cards | 3 oracle cards | up to 60 minutes

    Unpack complex matters with this 60-minute reading, using at least 10 cards. Gain profound insights into how life aspects intertwine, revealing paths to clarity and empowerment.

What People Have Said

Real Stories from Real People
  • Very accurate reading and resonated greatly with my current situation, gave some amazing advice/guidance, and has a very pleasant/kind personality, definitely going too get another reading sometime!! Highly recommend if you are looking for a reading, especially for the price!!! Still crazy how accurate it was and I’m very grateful for the guidance!!
    5 star tarot reading


Can tarot really work over the Internet?

Definitely. Whether you opt for a transformative Tarot Experience or a standard reading, online sessions via Zoom offer profound insights. These readings capture the essence of personal connection and guidance, ensuring you gain clarity and empowerment, no matter where you are. Every Tarot Experience is tailored to your journey, including a downloadable meditation and a detailed, personalized reflection journal for deep contemplation​​​​.

What’s included in a tarot reading with Gord?

There are two distinct offerings: Tarot Experiences and standard tarot readings. Tarot Experiences are immersive and focused, featuring a bespoke spread that aligns with your current chapter. These sessions include a downloadable meditation and a personalized digital journal, providing a comprehensive reflection tool. Standard readings offer clear, actionable insights without the focused spreads, meditation, or reflection journal. Regardless of your choice, you’re set for a meaningful journey of self-discovery​​.

How do I book a tarot reading online?

You’re already in the right place. For an online tarot reading, simply scroll up, choose the type of reading that resonates with you, and decide between a live Zoom session or a recorded option, where applicable. For recorded readings, expect an email with a download link for your recording and card visuals. Live session bookings will receive a “Join via App” link for your scheduled reading. Ensure you have Zoom ready for a seamless connection​​.

How much does a tarot reading online cost?

The investment varies, reflecting the depth and type of guidance you seek. Tarot Experiences, offering a deep dive into your inquiries with additional resources designed to help you integrate the insights from the reading into your life moving forwards, like meditations and journals, start from £60 for a 45 minute session, or £80 for an hour long session. Standard readings provide quick yet profound insights, starting at £15 for a 15-minute session. Prices are designed to cater to your needs and intentions, ensuring a valuable exchange for the insights and clarity you receive .

Where can I find the most accurate tarot reading online?

Right here with me, Gord. My approach is straightforward, intuitive, and grounded, making the insights you receive not just accurate but deeply relevant to your life. Whether through a Tarot Experience or a standard reading, you’ll discover guidance that’s authentic and transformative. Ready to start? Let’s uncover the guidance waiting for you​​​​.

What’s unique about Tarot with Gord?

My readings blend intuitive insight with a practical, no-nonsense approach, ensuring you receive guidance that’s both enlightening and actionable. Whether you’re drawn to the comprehensive Tarot Experiences or prefer the focused nature of standard readings, you’ll find clarity, empowerment, and a genuine path forward. Learn more about my unique approach and how tarot can serve as your guide here and here​.

Ready for a transformative journey?

Discover the path to clarity and empowerment by choosing your tarot reading today. For a deep, focused exploration, opt for a Tarot Experience. Or, for straightforward guidance, select a standard reading. Either way, you’re taking a step towards profound insights and personal growth. Begin your journey here, and let’s explore the insights and guidance waiting for you.