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Begin Your Tarot Journey: An Introduction to ‘Simply Tarot’

  • Gord 
  • 3 min read
Simplytarot | tarot with gord

Unraveling the Mystique of Tarot

Tarot reading is more than just a form of divination; it’s a pathway to deeper understanding and self-discovery. For those who’ve ever felt intrigued by the mystique of tarot but unsure where to start, ‘Simply Tarot’ offers the perfect entry point. This comprehensive workbook is crafted to guide beginners and refresh seasoned readers by providing a structured journey through the tarot deck.

Why Choose ‘Simply Tarot’?

Simply Tarot is not just another book on tarot cards; it’s an interactive experience. Each page invites you to engage with the cards in a way that’s both educational and deeply personal. Here’s why this workbook stands out:

  • Structured Learning: The book meticulously covers each card in the tarot deck, offering keywords for both upright and reversed meanings. This helps you to not only memorise the meanings but also understand the nuances behind each card.
  • Personal Journaling: Space is provided next to each card description for you to jot down your thoughts, feelings, and personal interpretations. This practice helps solidify your knowledge and makes every reading more intuitive.
  • Journal Prompts: For each Major Arcana card and every number and court in the Minor Arcana, there are specific journal prompts. These prompts are designed to inspire deeper contemplation about how the cards’ themes relate to your life.
  • Record and Reflect: The workbook includes sections to record your tarot readings, allowing you to keep track of the cards drawn and your interpretations. This reflection can be incredibly powerful for personal growth and learning.
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Discover the Journey of the Cards

‘The Fool’s Journey’ is a key theme in tarot that describes the Major Arcana’s narrative as a metaphor for the journey through life. In ‘Simply Tarot,’ you are invited to accompany the Fool on this journey. Each step and character you meet along the way offers valuable insights into life’s various stages and challenges. The workbook format makes these lessons accessible and relevant, allowing you to apply them to your own life experiences.

Empowering Your Tarot Practice

One of the unique aspects of ‘Simply Tarot’ is its emphasis on empowerment. By engaging with the workbook, you begin to trust your instincts and build confidence in your tarot reading skills. Whether you’re reflecting on a past reading or anticipating a future one, the insights you gain from this book will help you navigate your path with greater clarity and purpose.

Start Your Tarot Journey Today

Are you ready to explore the rich tapestry of your life through tarot? Whether you are new to tarot or looking to deepen your existing practice, ‘Simply Tarot’ offers a clear and structured pathway to enhancing your intuitive skills. It’s time to turn the page and begin your journey.

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