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  • Gord was a wonderful interpreter for our tarot cards. Absolutely loved the way that they presented our reading and how the cards related to our relationship. This reading made me feel so special and loved. Thanks so much gord for making our day.
    5 star tarot reading

Meet Gord, Your Truth-Seeking Tarot Reader

Bursting with Eccentricity and Authenticity

Hey, I’m Gord, your go-to tarot reader for authentic insights and no-nonsense guidance. I’m here to cut through the BS and give you the clarity you need to navigate your path.

With Tarot with Gord, you’ll experience tarot readings that are personal, impactful, and free from sugarcoating.

I bring a burst of eccentricity and authenticity to the mystical realm of tarot, keeping it real, down-to-earth, and uniquely engaging.

Get ready to dive into the world of tarot with a guide who’s as authentic as it gets.

  • Absolutely loved my reading. The mediation to start with emotional and soul cleansing. The reading spoke volumes and gave me some home truths of need to let go and step back. Gord is absolutely lovely and has such a fantastic vibe. I have really enjoyed my experience with them. Highly recommend them for tarot readings! I feel ten times lighter, massive thank you once again!
    5 star tarot reading

Authentic Tarot Readings without the BS

Navigating Your Path with Unfiltered Clarity

Dive deep into the mysteries of tarot with my authentic readings that pull no punches.

I’m not here to sugarcoat or tell you what you want to hear; I’m here to reveal the truths you need to know.

Whether you’re facing tough decisions, seeking guidance on relationships, or exploring your spiritual journey, my tarot readings offer insights that are practical, actionable, and tailored just for you.

Let’s uncover the hidden gems in the cards and illuminate your path together.

  • This was beyond the most amazing tarot reading i’ve ever had. Gord made me feel so comfortable and let all my worries just float away, little steps but i can feel such a massive change in me FOR THE BEST!! i was very open with Gord on my troubles at the moment and they were very understanding with me. Everything was just bang on, and i’m so happy i convinced myself to do this. In my private tarot reading Gord kept on calling me ‘charlotte’ they didn’t understand why that name kept popping up. I explained to Gord after my private tarot reading that my twin sister passed away a couple of years ago in a car accident, her name was charlotte. Goosebump moment for the both of us. Definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a tarot card reader. Thank you so much Gord for just being you and for being freaking awesome!!
    5 star tarot reading

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Your satisfaction and experience matter. If you’ve had a tarot reading or explored my other offerings at Tarot with Gord, I would love to hear from you.

Share your thoughts and feedback to help me continue providing authentic guidance that cuts through the BS.

Your reviews power the Tarot with Gord community, creating a safe space for seekers of truth.

Together, let’s celebrate the magic that unfolds when authenticity meets insightful guidance.

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Let’s embark on a multifaceted journey together, embracing the wisdom that unfolds at every step.