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Natal Neurosis Tarot Reading (Zoom)

£80.00 60 minutes

Your birthday deserves more than just cake and candles. Embrace a new year of life with the ‘Natal Neurosis’ tarot reading via a live Zoom session. Over 60 minutes, we’ll explore a 10-card spread that uncovers where you stand now, what to let go of, and the key areas for your personal growth in the upcoming year. After our enlightening session, I’ll send you a customised digital reflection journal and a recorded guided meditation related to your reading, empowering you to reflect, grow, and love yourself more fiercely.

what to expect

The reading begins with a short introductory chat where we can get to know each other. This is followed by a short meditation together. This allows us to ground ourselves and for our energies to connect. I will then draw some cards, tell you what’s coming up, and we’ll see what resonates.

Above all, we’ll keep things conversational, and I try to make things as light as possible. (Without sugar-coating!) Sometimes things may get a bit emotional, but it’s always enlightening.

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