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Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is a classic layout known for its versatility in revealing complex situations. It provides a comprehensive roadmap of your past, present, and potential future, offering actionable insights to navigate life's challenges.

Why This Spread?

The Celtic Cross is ideal for anyone seeking multi-faceted guidance on personal challenges, relationship crossroads, or career ambiguities. It provides a structured framework to gain clarity and illuminate the path forward.

Celtic cross tarot spread | tarot with gord

10 Card Tarot Card Spread

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Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Breakdown:

Card 1: The Significator – The heart of the matter, representing you or the core of the question.

Card 2: The Challenge – The immediate obstacle or adversity you face.

Card 3: Conscious Mind – Your thoughts, goals, and what you know about the situation.

Card 4: Unconscious Mind – Hidden feelings or underlying factors.

Card 5: Past – Events or experiences that shaped the present moment.

Card 6: Future – The likely trajectory given your current course.

Card 7: Attitude – Your present stance or beliefs about the situation.

Card 8: Environment – External forces, people, or circumstances that impact things.

Card 9: Hopes & Fears – Your deepest desires or worries related to the question at hand.

Card 10: Outcome – The probable result if you continue on your current path.

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