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11 Reasons Why the Fifth Spirit Tarot Deck is a Personal and Powerful Favourite

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Fifth spirit tarot

Looking for an inclusive, revolutionary tarot deck that resonates with diverse identities? The Fifth Spirit Tarot by Charlie Clare Burgess is just what you need. This deck is an absolute game-changer, especially for those of us who are queer, non-binary, or trans. It’s not just a deck; it’s a tool for personal and collective transformation that I use in my readings every single day. And let me tell you, it brings me—and my clients—incredible amounts of joy.

Why Fifth Spirit Tarot Stands Out

Breaking Beyond Binaries

Charlie Clare Burgess, a queer and trans-nonbinary tarot practitioner, designed this deck to smash through the traditional gender binary. This inclusivity makes the Fifth Spirit Tarot a refreshing and empowering tool for anyone feeling boxed in by conventional norms. It’s packed with diverse representations that challenge traditional depictions and open up space for everyone to see themselves reflected in their readings.

A Personal Connection

As a non-binary tarot reader, I find the Fifth Spirit Tarot incredibly validating and powerful. Seeing myself and my clients represented in the cards enhances the depth and authenticity of my readings. This deck speaks to me on a profound level, reflecting my identity and experiences in ways that few others can. It’s no wonder this deck is a favourite among my clients—its rich symbolism and inclusive imagery make for deeply resonant and transformative sessions.

Highlights from the Deck


Temperance features a figure on an empty beach, one foot in the water, one on dry land, with old trainers in the background. This imagery beautifully captures the liminal space between the conscious and unconscious. The mixing of fire and water represents the merging of our passionate and emotional drives, reminding us to balance all parts of ourselves.

Temperance tarot card (fifth spirit tarot)
Three of wands tarot card (fifth spirit tarot)

Three of Wands

Fifth Spirit Tarot’s Three of Wands always strikes me with its hot air balloons—two airborne, one still grounded. This card beautifully symbolises potential and the excitement of new possibilities. The balloon that hasn’t taken off yet is burning fuel, reminding us that our aspirations come with a window of opportunity. We need to take off before the fuel runs out, making the most of our passions while they’re still burning bright.

The Sun

Redefining joy and authenticity, The Sun features Charlie Clare Burgess and their partner, a trans man with visible top surgery scars. Charlie’s own words from The Fifth Spirit Tarot Guide capture the essence of this card: “The Sun is about being wholeheartedly and truly yourself with ease and joy and no apologies.” It’s a celebration of living authentically and feeling seen.

The sun tarot card (fifth spirit tarot)
Death tarot card (fifth spirit tarot)


Death depicts a skeleton transforming into a young couple nursing a baby, surrounded by butterflies, symbolizing the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. This card beautifully captures the essence of transformation and new beginnings, much like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

The Magician

Depicted as a scientist with various elements representing the suits of the Minor Arcana, The Magician emphasises transformation and creation. This card embodies the essence of manifestation, creating something from nothing, and represents the alchemy of our intentions and actions.

The magician tarot card (fifth spirit tarot)
The lovers tarot card (fifth spirit tarot)

The Lovers

In this deck, The Lovers features a single person facing their mirror image made of stars, symbolising self-love and acceptance. This card teaches us that the love we seek in others is already within us. The use of a chest binder in the imagery highlights the complexity and diversity of self-love, particularly for those on the transgender spectrum.

The High Priestess

Inspired by queer Bruja healer and mental health advocate Emilia Ortiz, The High Priestess features a tattooed individual blending butch and femme elements. This card invites you to unlock your inner wisdom, with symbols of pomegranates and the moon adding depth to its message of intuition and emotional understanding.

The high priestess tarot card (fifth spirit tarot)
Queen of pentacles tarot card (fifth spirit tarot)

Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles depicts a grounded figure surrounded by pot plants, embodying growth, fertility, and abundance. This card exudes a warm, nurturing energy, perfectly balancing the earth and water elements, and represents a healer’s wisdom and care.

Four of Pentacles

A tree stump with minimal growth and treasures hidden below the surface, the Four of Pentacles speaks to the stagnation that comes from holding onto things that hinder growth. This card urges us to release what no longer serves us to flourish in the present.

Four of pentacles tarot card (fifth spirit tarot)
The emperor and the empress tarot cards (fifth spirit tarot)

The Emperor & The Empress

These cards feature a trans man and a trans woman, respectively, celebrating diverse identities. They show that queer people embody these archetypal values, demonstrating that these qualities exist within all of us, challenging traditional gender roles and expanding the notions of gender in tarot.

Practical Details

Originally crowdfunded and self-published in 2020, the Fifth Spirit Tarot’s success led to a new edition by Hay House. This edition comes with a comprehensive guidebook and upgraded packaging, making it even more accessible and user-friendly. The card stock is highly praised for its quality, perfect for those who appreciate a good shuffle.

Get Your Own Deck

If you’re ready to dive into the transformative world of the Fifth Spirit Tarot, you can purchase it on Amazon here, or directly from Charlie on their website here. This deck is a fantastic addition to any tarot collection and a powerful tool for anyone seeking a more inclusive and revolutionary approach to tarot.

Book a Reading with Me

Curious about how this deck can provide insights and guidance in your own life? Book a reading with me and experience the transformative power of the Fifth Spirit Tarot firsthand. Schedule your session today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Whether you’re a seasoned tarot reader or just starting out, the Fifth Spirit Tarot offers a fresh, inclusive perspective that’s both powerful and transformative. It’s more than just a deck—it’s a companion on your journey to personal truth and liberation.

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