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Full Moon: Meditate & Journal

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Full moons are an incredible time to harness the power of the universe and release things that are holding you back. They’re also a great time to work on manifesting your intentions, so here are some tips for making the most of this powerful energy:

How does the moon affect our moods and emotions?

We’re all familiar with the idea that the moon has an effect on our moods and emotions. This is because it has a direct effect on us: our bodies, energy levels, and sleep patterns.

The moon’s gravitational pull affects our metabolism, so if you’ve ever had trouble sleeping during a full moon or experienced an increase in energy during one then this is why!

Although science can’t explain why we’re affected by the phases of the moon (yet), there are lots of theories about how this happens. One of them holds that the earth’s magnetic field fluctuates in response to solar winds from sunspots—which may cause changes in our brain waves as well as influencing other bodily processes such as menstruation or blood pressure control.

How does the moon affect our moods and emotions?
The connection between the moon and our bodies.

The connection between the moon and our bodies.

One of the most basic laws of physics we learn in school is that all objects have a gravitational pull. And when you think about it, it makes sense that our bodies would be affected by this force, as well. After all, we’re made up mostly of water and minerals—two substances that are easily influenced by gravity.

Does this mean the moon is responsible for your mood swings? Not exactly—but there’s certainly evidence to suggest that these changes do happen during full moons. The moon has a gravitational pull on our oceans, which causes the tides to rise and fall. And since the human body is about 70% water, it’s not surprising that this gravitational pull can affect us as well. In fact, researchers have found that people’s bodies tend to experience subtle changes in fluid levels during full moons—such as increased blood pressure or pulse rate.

What is a full moon?

When the moon is at its fullest, it means that the moon is directly opposite the sun in the sky (or at least as close as possible). This means that both objects are fully illuminated by each other, which makes for some beautiful lighting conditions on Earth. It’s also when our satellite friend is closest to us, which means that it has a stronger gravitational pull.

We’ve known for a long time that our bodies experience subtle changes in fluid levels during full moons. For example, some people report feeling more energized or restless than usual. In addition, many studies have shown that there are higher numbers of emergency room visits on nights around the full moon (although it’s not clear why).

What is a full moon?
How can you tell if it's a full moon?

How can you tell if it’s a full moon?

A quick glance at the night sky will tell you if it’s nighttime or not, but if you’re not sure whether or not your eyes are letting you down, check online. There are several websites which track exactly when all of our celestial bodies reach their fullest points in their orbits around us (and each other). One such site goes so far as to provide information about all your potential astrological experiences, including eclipses and supermoons—that last one being what happens when both the Sun and Moon are at their brightest points on Earth during that time period (not to be confused with an almanac). If anything else needs clarification for you before heading out into space for some stargazing tonight, try searching this site:

How do I use a full moon to manifest my intentions?

To harness the full moon’s power, you must set your intentions before the full moon and write them down. Then read them aloud to yourself, visualize what you want to manifest in your life (for example, a new job), and take time to be still and listen to your intuition. This can be done through meditation or journalling. If you do it regularly, according to a lunar calendar, then over time you will see your most important goals come into fruition!

How do i use a full moon to manifest my intentions?
Full moon journal prompts.

Full moon journal prompts.

You can use the full moon as a journal prompt to reflect on the past month and plan for the next month. It provides a perfect time to set intentions for each day so that you can set aside time for yourself and make sure your needs are being met.

When you journal during a full moon, take some time to focus on what’s going well in your life right now. Write down at least three things that make you happy or proud about yourself and why they make you feel this way. Next, write down at least three goals or things that could be improved in your life, but don’t have anything to do with other people or situations outside of yourself. These should all be things that only involve taking action from within yourself!

Finally, write down something that is holding back either emotionally or physically (or both). Now take some time while meditating on this list before writing it out again with specific reasons why these issues are interfering with growth; this will help them become more visible during meditation sessions later down the road when deciding how best address each issue individually without getting overwhelmed by tackling everything at once!

How do I plan ahead for each full moon?

Just as the full moon waxes and wanes, so too do your creative abilities. The days leading up to a full moon are the best time to plan how you will use the energy of this particular full moon. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Set aside time for meditation and journalling (this can be daily or just once a week).
  • Make a list of what you want to manifest during that particular cycle – there might be several things on your list, but only pick one as an intention for this particular lunar cycle.

Once you’ve figured out the why and how behind your intention, write it down and put it somewhere safe where you can see it daily. If you want to set an intention for each full moon cycle, then take note of all the intentions you have set over time and use that list as a reference point.

How do i plan ahead for each full moon?
Manifesting on a full moon is an effective way to harness the power of the universe and release things that are holding you back.

Manifesting on a full moon is an effective way to harness the power of the universe and release things that are holding you back.

The full moon is the perfect time to release things that are holding you back. The full moon is also a powerful time to manifest your intentions, so it’s an important part of your manifestation process. If you need assistance getting clarity on what exactly it is that you want in life, then a tarot reading with a professional reader, like me, will help!

When creating this meditation and journalling guide for the full moon, I wanted to make sure that the content was easy-to-use and applicable for anyone looking to get started with meditation or journalling.


The full moon is a powerful astrological event and one that we can harness to manifest our intentions. It’s also a great opportunity to release negative emotions or energy from your life by writing them down in a journal or speaking them aloud. With these tips, you’ll be able to plan ahead for each full moon so that on the day itself, you know exactly what you need to do in order for everything else fall into place perfectly!