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New Year’s Reboot Tarot Spread

The New Year's Reboot Tarot Spread is designed to guide you in leaving the past behind, setting powerful intentions, and navigating the year ahead with clarity and focus. Its 12-card layout, mimicking a clock face, symbolises the cyclical nature of time and the ongoing journey of personal evolution.

Why This Spread?

The New Year's Reboot Spread is ideal for those seeking a deeper connection with their New Year's intentions. It combines reflection on the past, anticipation of challenges, and strategies for maximising potential. This spread helps you set a roadmap for the months ahead.

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12 Card Tarot Card Spread

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New Year’s Reboot Tarot Spread Breakdown:

Card 1: Current State – Where you're starting the year emotionally, physically, etc.

Card 2: Leave Behind – Aspects of the past year to release.

Card 3: Past Lessons – Valuable insights from the previous year.

Card 4: New Focus – Priorities and areas of focus for the upcoming year.

Card 5: Challenges – Potential obstacles or hurdles.

Card 6: Overcoming – Strategies to overcome challenges and stay on course.

Card 7: Opportunities – Exciting possibilities for growth.

Card 8: Maximising Opportunities – How to be proactive and capitalise on them.

Card 9: Personal Growth – Areas for self-development and expansion.

Card 10: Self-Improvement – Specific area to target for personal improvement.

Card 11: Relationships – Dynamics of your connections with others.

Card 12: Overall Theme – The overarching energy or lesson for the year ahead.

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