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Self Care Tarot Spread

The Self-Care Tarot Spread is a guide to nurturing mind, body, and spirit. This spread offers a holistic approach to personal wellness, providing insights into your current emotional state and actionable steps toward balance and fulfilment. It's designed for those seeking a deeper sense of wellbeing.

Why This Spread?

The Self-Care Spread is ideal for anyone wanting to focus on personal wellness. It helps you pinpoint areas needing attention and compassion, offering a well-rounded approach to self-care. This spread is perfect for those seeking to address emotional wounds, adapt to changes, and celebrate their journey.

Self care tarot spread | tarot with gord

7 Card Tarot Card Spread

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Self Care Tarot Spread Breakdown:

Card 1: Now – Your current emotional state and overall wellbeing.

Card 2: Soothe – Ways to heal emotional wounds and offer comfort to yourself.

Card 3: Accept – Recognising aspects that might be hidden or uncomfortable.

Card 4: Adapt – Identifying changes to promote personal growth and well-being.

Card 5: Retreat – Understanding what you might need to step back from.

Card 6: Embrace – Aspects of life to embrace and nurture.

Card 7: Celebrate – Acknowledging your achievements, joys, and sources of gratitude.

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