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Career Odyssey Tarot Spread

The Career Odyssey tarot spread offers an in-depth exploration of your professional journey. This comprehensive reading provides a panoramic view of your career, from past achievements to hidden opportunities, and identifies steps towards reaching your ultimate potential.

Why This Spread?

The Career Odyssey spread is perfect for those seeking a deep and multifaceted exploration of their career path. It delves into past successes, current strengths, and future opportunities while focusing on reaching your highest potential. This spread is a powerful tool for self-understanding and strategic career planning.

Career odyssey tarot spread | tarot with gord

10 Card Tarot Card Spread

Career odyssey positions edited | tarot with gord

Career Odyssey Tarot Spread Breakdown:

Card 1: Career Soul – The essence of your professional being and motivations.

Card 2: Achievements – Past successes and milestones that define your journey.

Card 3: Strengths – Key talents and abilities that drive your career growth.

Card 4: Weaknesses – Areas for improvement or potential roadblocks to overcome.

Card 5: Hidden Opportunities – Unseen possibilities for advancement and expansion.

Card 6: Upcoming Challenges – Anticipated obstacles to prepare for a proactive response.

Card 7: Allies – Supportive people or resources to leverage on your career path.

Card 8: Adversaries – Potential opposition or negative influences to navigate.

Card 9: Advice for Advancement – Guidance on moving your career forward.

Card 10: Ultimate Potential – The pinnacle of what your career could become.

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