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Career Catalyst Tarot Spread

Ditch limiting beliefs and explore your full career potential with this tarot spread. It's designed to uncover untapped strengths, reveal hidden opportunities, and identify obstacles—both internal and external—that might be keeping you from reaching your career goals. This spread helps you find your unique path to professional fulfilment.

Why This Spread?

The Career Catalyst spread empowers you to step into your professional power. It provides clarity on your current work situation, highlights hidden opportunities, and offers actionable steps toward career satisfaction. This spread is perfect for those seeking to leverage their strengths and navigate challenges within their current context.

Career catalyst tarot spread | tarot with gord

5 Card Tarot Card Spread

Career catalyst positions | tarot with gord

Career Catalyst Tarot Spread Breakdown:

Card 1: Current Position – Understanding your current role and its alignment with your aspirations.

Card 2: Hidden Opportunities – Spotlighting unseen possibilities for growth and advancement.

Card 3: Challenges Ahead – Anticipating potential obstacles for proactive planning.

Card 4: Strengths to Leverage – Identifying your unique skills and talents to maximise impact.

Card 5: Next Career Move – Defining a practical next step towards your career goals.

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