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Shadow Rendezvous Tarot Spread

The Shadow Rendezvous Tarot Spread explores your subconscious, guiding you through confronting and accepting your shadow self. It helps you delve into hidden aspects of your personality and encourages self-healing and integration by illuminating the darker corners of your psyche.

Why This Spread?

The Shadow Rendezvous Spread is for those committed to deep inner work. It encourages embracing the totality of your being, including suppressed aspects. This spread offers a path from darkness into light, guiding you toward self-acceptance and transformation.

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8 Card Tarot Card Spread

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Shadow Rendezvous Tarot Spread Breakdown:

Card 1: Shadow Self – Aspects of your personality hidden in the subconscious.

Card 2: Origin of Shadows – Past experiences or traumas shaping your shadow aspects.

Card 3: Impact on Daily Life – How your shadow influences your thoughts, behaviours, and relationships.

Card 4: Hidden Fears – Unconscious fears that drive shadow behaviours.

Card 5: Repressed Desires – Deep desires or needs you might have denied.

Card 6: Path to Acknowledgment – Steps to recognise and accept your shadow.

Card 7: Embracing the Darkness – How to integrate your shadow for a more whole self.

Card 8: Light Within the Shadow – Positive traits or potential within your shadow.

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