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Graduate’s Gauntlet Tarot Spread

The Graduate's Gauntlet Tarot Spread is designed to guide recent graduates as they transition from academia to broader life. It helps you reflect on your journey, prepare for challenges, and identify opportunities as you step into this new chapter.

Why This Spread?

The Graduate's Gauntlet Spread is designed for those transitioning from academia to the broader world. It helps you process the end of one phase, gain insights into your post-academic life, and find a roadmap for your career or further studies.

Graduates gauntlet tarot spread | tarot with gord

12 Card Tarot Card Spread

Graduates gauntlet positions | tarot with gord

Graduate’s Gauntlet Tarot Spread Breakdown:

Card 1: Current Mindset Post-Graduation – Your emotional and mental state after graduation.

Card 2: Leaving Student Life Behind – Aspects of your student life you're ready to release.

Card 3: Key Lessons – The most valuable insights from your education.

Card 4: First Steps – Immediate actions for your career or further studies.

Card 5: New Journey Challenges – Potential obstacles you might face in this new phase.

Card 6: Conquering Challenges – Strategies to overcome these hurdles.

Card 7: Awaiting Opportunities – Prospects and possibilities on the horizon.

Card 8: Seizing Opportunities – How to capitalise on these new opportunities.

Card 9: Personal Development – Areas to focus on for continued growth.

Card 10: Career Path Guidance – Insight into potential career directions.

Card 11: Relationships – Dynamics of your connections, both new and old.

Card 12: Overall Theme – The overarching energy or lesson of this transition period.

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