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Liminal Lobotomy Tarot Spread

The Liminal Lobotomy Tarot Spread is your guide through significant life transitions. It helps you release outdated aspects of yourself, embrace new possibilities, and navigate these pivotal moments with greater resilience and growth.

Why This Spread?

The Liminal Lobotomy Spread is ideal for those experiencing major life shifts. It offers insights into the core of these changes, helps identify opportunities within the disruption, and provides a roadmap for successful navigation of these transitions.

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10 Card Tarot Card Spread

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Liminal Lobotomy Tarot Spread Breakdown:

Card 1: Current Life Phase – Where you stand amid the transition.

Card 2: Shifts and Changes – What's transforming or evolving in your life.

Card 3: Adaptation – How to best adjust to changes.

Card 4: Challenges – Potential obstacles you might encounter.

Card 5: Opportunities – Hidden growth areas or possibilities arising from change.

Card 6: Release – What to let go of for progress.

Card 7: Embrace – What to integrate or welcome.

Card 8: Transition Advice – Guidance for successful navigation of transitions.

Card 9: Potential Growth – How you might evolve personally.

Card 10: Life Shift Outcome – The likely result of this transition.

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