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Romance Autopsy Tarot Spread

Sometimes even the most loving relationships hit major roadblocks. This spread acts like a relationship MRI, revealing underlying causes, pinpointing areas for improvement, and helping you decide whether to repair or walk away.

Why This Spread?

The Romance Autopsy spread is a brutally honest diagnostic tool for those gut-wrenching moments when your relationship hits a critical fork in the road. It pinpoints hidden conflicts and misaligned needs, offering clarity about whether the relationship is worth repairing or if it's time to move on. This spread is ideal for those seeking clarity during challenging times in their relationships.

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7 Card Tarot Card Spread

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Romance Autopsy Tarot Spread Breakdown:

Card 1: Current State – The core problem causing distress within your relationship.

Card 2: Unseen Factors – Hidden issues or dynamics contributing to the situation.

Card 3: Your Needs – What you require from this relationship to feel fulfilled.

Card 4: Partner's Needs – Their needs and whether they are currently being met.

Card 5: Communication Gaps – Ways you might improve dialogue and resolve misunderstandings.

Card 6: Deeper Connection – Ways to deepen the relationship bond.

Card 7: The Path Ahead – Potential for improvement and steps towards a healthier dynamic.

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