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Relationship Dynamics Tarot Spread

Forget the fairytale romance; this spread delves into how your relationship truly functions. It explores hidden power struggles, unspoken needs, and potential sources of friction. If you want to take an honest look at your relationship, this spread is the perfect tool for you.

Why This Spread?

The Relationship Dynamics spread provides a brutally honest examination of your partnership. It reveals unspoken tensions, unhealthy patterns, and potential blind spots, allowing you to address them head-on. This spread is ideal for couples feeling stuck, frustrated, or unsure about the true state of their relationship.

Relationship dynamics tarot spread | tarot with gord

6 Card Tarot Card Spread

Relationship dynamics positions | tarot with gord

Relationship Dynamics Tarot Spread Breakdown:

Card 1: Your Role – How you perceive your contribution to the relationship.

Card 2: Partner's Role – Your perception of their role and how it complements or clashes with your own.

Card 3: The Bond – The current state of your connection.

Card 4: Expectations – What you each seek from the relationship.

Card 5: Strengths – Areas of compatibility and mutual support.

Card 6: Challenges – Major obstacles causing tension or conflict.

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