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Hearts Entwined Tarot Spread

For those moments when you feel that undeniable spark, this spread celebrates the strengths of your bond while exploring ways to deepen intimacy and navigate potential challenges. This spread focuses on embracing the magic of your soul connection.

Why This Spread?

The Hearts Entwined spread is ideal for those seeking to explore and strengthen their emotional and spiritual bond with their partner(s). It offers insights into shared challenges, pathways for growth, and possible future trajectories for your relationship. Use this spread to celebrate your unique connection and explore its potential for even greater fulfilment.

Hearts entwined tarot spread | tarot with gord

10 Card Tarot Card Spread

Hearts entwined positions edited | tarot with gord

Hearts Entwined Tarot Spread Breakdown:

Card 1: Core of the relationship – The foundation of your connection.

Card 2: Your perspective – How you view the relationship.

Card 3: Partner’s perspective – How they view the relationship.

Card 4: Strengths together – What binds you and enhances your connection.

Card 5: Shared challenges – Obstacles you face together and their impact.

Card 6: Your pathway to growth – Directions for your development within the relationship.

Card 7: Partner’s pathway to growth – Directions for their development within the relationship.

Card 8: External influences – How the world around you affects your dynamic.

Card 9: Future of the connection (1) – A potential trajectory for your relationship.

Card 10: Future of the connection (2) – Another potential trajectory for your relationship.

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