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Embark on a Personal Tarot Journey with Gord

Dive Deep into Your Truth

Discover a tarot experience meticulously crafted just for you. It’s more than a reading—it’s a journey into the heart of your personal narrative, guided by the cards and my intuition. Together, we’ll explore uncharted territories of your inner landscape, uncovering insights and clarity that resonate with your soul’s journey.

Gord looking towards the right, holding a tarot card
Seven tarot cards in a spread

Welcome to Tarot Experiences

Hello, I’m Gord, your companion on this transformative voyage. Each Tarot Experience is designed to offer you something extraordinary—a reflection that extends beyond the cards. With every reading, you receive a personalized digital journal for deeper contemplation and a guided meditation for ongoing introspection, ensuring your journey of discovery continues long after our session ends.

Spring clean | tarot with gord

(£90 – 60 mins)

As the world awakens, so too should your spirit. The Spring Clean reading taps into the fresh energy of the season, helping you clear out the old and make space for new growth and beginnings. In twelve cards, let’s harness the vibrant vibes of spring together, setting the stage for personal renewal and blossoming possibilities.

Twelve tarot cards in a circle

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Natal neurosis | tarot with gord

10+ cards | 60 mins | £80

Celebrate another trip around the sun with Natal Neurosis, a birthday reading designed to spark introspection and growth. In 10 cards we’ll unpack the past year’s lessons, discover what to embrace in the year ahead, and light up your journey with actionable insights. It’s not just a reading; it’s a birthday revolution for your soul.

Liminal lobotomy | tarot with gord

10+ cards | 60 mins | £80

Standing at life’s crossroads can be daunting. Liminal Lobotomy offers a beacon of clarity and direction amidst change. This session is 10 cards tailored to help you confidently navigate transitions, and identify challenges, opportunities, and growth areas. Embrace change with a clear mind and a heart full of purpose.

Romance autopsy | tarot with gord

7+ cards | 45 mins | £60

Dive deep into the heart of your relationships with Romance Autopsy. This 7-card reading dissects love’s complexities, offering raw, honest insights into your connections. Understand your needs, navigate communication hurdles, and uncover the future direction of your relationships with unflinching clarity.

Professional shakedown | tarot with gord

7+ cards | 45 mins | £60

Tangled in career confusion? Professional Shakedown cuts through the noise, offering a laser-focused reading on your career path. In 7 cards, discover hidden opportunities, tackle challenges head-on, and chart a course for satisfying career growth. It’s real talk for your professional journey, minus the fluff.

Inspiration unfucker | tarot with gord

7+ cards | 45 mins | £60

Creativity blocked? Inspiration Unfucker is your creative catalyst, 7 cards designed to dissolve blockages and reignite your muse. Explore the root causes of your creative stagnation and receive practical steps to unleash your potential. Say goodbye to creative ruts and hello to boundless inspiration.

Mirror moment | tarot with gord

7+ cards | 45 mins | £60

Self-care is more than pampering—it’s a deep dive into nurturing your whole self. Mirror Moment offers 7 cards of guidance on balancing emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Uncover neglected areas, receive tailored self-care strategies, and start practising self-love that truly resonates with your needs.

How This All Works

Booking your Tarot Experience is simple. Choose your reading, mark your calendar, and prepare for a session that will offer clarity, insight, and actionable steps. Within 1-3 days post-session, you’ll receive your digital journal and guided meditation—tools to help you reflect and integrate the wisdom of the cards into your daily life.

Ten tarot cards in a celtic cross spread
Eight tarot cards in a spread

Why Choose a Tarot Experience with Me?

These sessions are an invitation to explore your depths, challenge your perspectives, and embrace transformation. It’s not just about foreseeing the future; it’s about empowering you to shape it with intention and insight.

Ready to Book?

Your path to clarity and self-discovery is just a few clicks away. Secure your spot for a unique tarot experience and take the first step towards a deeper understanding of yourself and your journey.

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