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Career Reflection Tarot Spread

The Career Reflection tarot spread is for those seeking deeper understanding and introspection in their career. This 8-card spread helps you uncover your professional aspirations, navigate through current challenges, and identify the steps needed for growth and fulfilment.

Why This Spread?

If you're feeling stuck, misaligned, or at a career crossroads, the Career Reflection spread offers a guide to a more purposeful pathway. It delves into your core motivation, satisfaction, and the balance between inner needs and external roles. This spread is ideal for those seeking a holistic understanding of their professional journey.

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8 Card Tarot Card Spread

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Career Reflection Tarot Spread Breakdown:

Card 1: Purpose – Your core motivation and drive in your current role.

Card 2: Duty – Your current responsibilities and how they resonate with your values.

Card 3: Talents – Key skills and talents you bring to your work.

Card 4: Resources – Tools, support, and resources available to you for growth.

Card 5: Fix – Areas requiring improvement or change for greater satisfaction.

Card 6: Release – What needs to be let go of to allow professional progression.

Card 7: Reflect – Additional considerations and insights for your career path.

Card 8: Reward – The ultimate goal or sense of fulfilment you seek in your career.

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