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Natal Neurosis Tarot Spread

The Natal Neurosis Tarot Spread is your companion for a reflective birthday celebration, helping you honor your journey, gain clarity on the past year's lessons, and embrace the potential of the year ahead.

Why This Spread?

The Natal Neurosis Spread is ideal for those seeking a deeper, more introspective birthday experience. It focuses on personal growth, guiding you to let go of outdated aspects of yourself and step into the next stage of your life with confidence.

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10 Card Tarot Card Spread

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Natal Neurosis Tarot Spread Breakdown:

Card 1: Current Standing – Where you are in life at this moment.

Card 2: Past Lessons – Key insights gained from the previous year.

Card 3: Release – What needs to be let go to make room for growth.

Card 4: Embrace – What to welcome with open arms in this new year.

Card 5: Personal Growth – Areas for focused development.

Card 6: Self-Love – Ways to prioritise self-care and compassion.

Card 7: Upcoming Challenge – Potential obstacle to anticipate.

Card 8: Overcoming Challenges – Strategies for navigating challenges.

Card 9: Growth Potential – Where you can expand and flourish.

Card 10: Yearly Theme – The overarching energy of your upcoming year.

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