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Spring Clean Tarot Spread

The Spring Clean Tarot Spread is your guide to personal rejuvenation, mirroring the transformative energy of the season. This layout helps you shed what no longer serves you, nurture positive growth, and embrace the opportunities that await.

Why This Spread?

The Spring Clean Spread is ideal for those seeking to refresh and revitalize their life as the seasons change. It offers a structured approach for releasing old patterns, identifying new potential, and aligning your actions with nature's cycles.

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12 Card Tarot Card Spread

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Spring Clean Tarot Spread Breakdown:

Card 1: Current Position – Your current emotional, mental, or physical state.

Card 2: Emerging Growth – New beginnings sprouting in your life.

Card 3: Shedding Habits – Areas for decluttering and letting go.

Card 4: Nourishing Growth – How to support and nurture your positive changes.

Card 5: Upcoming Challenges – Potential obstacles to anticipate.

Card 6: Overcoming Challenges – Strategies for navigating difficulties.

Card 7: Budding Opportunities – Exciting possibilities emerging.

Card 8: Seizing Opportunities – How to capitalise on possibilities.

Card 9: Personal Growth – Areas for self-improvement this season.

Card 10: Balance and Rejuvenation – Finding harmony and recharging.

Card 11: Relationships in Bloom – How to nurture interpersonal connections.

Card 12: Season's Vibe – The overall energy of your spring.

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