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Cold Truth Tarot Spread

The Cold Truth Tarot Spread helps you embrace the stillness of winter for introspection and personal growth. Inspired by the structure of a snowflake, the layout reflects the season's quiet beauty and transformative potential.

Why This Spread?

The Cold Truth Spread is ideal for those seeking deep understanding and clarity during winter. It encourages you to bravely face internal and external challenges while also recognising the unique gifts and opportunities the season brings. This spread's strength lies in its focus on personal renewal during a season often associated with reflection.

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12 Card Tarot Card Spread

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Cold Truth Tarot Spread Breakdown:

Card 1: Current Winter Standpoint – Where you stand emotionally and spiritually.

Card 2: Leave Behind – What you need to release during winter.

Card 3: Fall Lessons – Wisdom gained from the autumn season.

Card 4: Winter Focus – Key priorities for the winter months.

Card 5: Frosty Challenges – Potential obstacles to be aware of during winter.

Card 6: Melting Challenges – Strategies for overcoming challenges.

Card 7: Snowy Opportunities – Potential for growth and transformation.

Card 8: Chilly Chances – How to seize winter's opportunities.

Card 9: Personal Growth – Areas for self-development.

Card 10: Cozy Balance – Finding inner warmth and harmony amid the winter chill.

Card 11: Winter Relationships – How relationships evolve during winter.

Card 12: Overall Theme – The overarching energy or theme of your winter experience.

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