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Autumnal Awakening Tarot Spread

The Autumnal Awakening Tarot Spread helps you align with the introspective nature of autumn. This spread guides you through releasing what no longer serves you, integrating lessons learned, and preparing for the renewal ahead. The "falling leaves" layout mirrors the season's gentle shedding process.

Why This Spread?

The Autumnal Awakening Spread is ideal for those seeking to navigate the transitions and introspection of autumn. It encourages letting go of the old and preparing for new growth. This spread's strength lies in its focus on release, reflection, and embracing the potential within the changing seasons.

Autumnal awakening tarot spread | tarot with gord

12 Card Tarot Card Spread

Autumnal awakening position | tarot with gord

Autumnal Awakening Tarot Spread Breakdown:

Card 1: Current State – Where you are at this moment.

Card 2: Leave Behind – What to release as the seasons shift.

Card 3: Past Lessons – Valuable insights from the past to guide you.

Card 4: New Focus – Priorities for the coming months.

Card 5: Challenges – Potential obstacles to anticipate.

Card 6: Overcoming Challenges – Strategies for navigating difficulties.

Card 7: Opportunities – Potential opportunities and growth areas.

Card 8: Maximising Opportunities – How to optimise opportunities in the season.

Card 9: Personal Growth – Areas for self-development.

Card 10: Self-Improvement – A specific area for focused improvement.

Card 11: Relationships – The evolving dynamics of your connections.

Card 12: Overall Theme – The overarching energy of your autumn experience.

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