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Three Card Tarot Spreads

Unlock the power of tarot with simple yet profound Three Card Tarot Spreads. These spreads are versatile, offering insights into your daily life, helping with decision-making, and providing guidance for your journey.

Why Three Card Spreads?

Three Card Spreads are a foundational tool in tarot reading, offering clear and concise insights. They are perfect for beginners and seasoned readers alike, providing quick answers and clarity on a wide range of questions.

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Daily Spreads

Daily Spreads are your go-to for everyday insights. They help you check in with yourself, offering guidance on what to expect, focus on, or be mindful of throughout your day.

  • Past/Present/Future
  • You/Relationship/Partner
  • Mind/Body/Spirit
  • Passion/Direction/Destination
  • Unconscious/Conscious/Superconscious
  • Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow
  • Thinking/Feeling/Doing
  • Relationships/Work/Play
  • Physical/Emotional/Spiritual
  • Above/Below/Right Here

Decision-Making Spreads

When faced with decisions, these spreads offer clarity on the path forward. They help illuminate different aspects of your situation, guiding you toward a choice that aligns with your highest good.

  • Situation/Obstacle/Advice
  • Choice 1/Choice 2/Choice 3
  • Choice 1/Choice 2/How to Choose
  • Strengths/Weaknesses/Advice
  • Action/Reaction/Outcome
  • Logical/Emotional/Intuitive
  • Good/Evil/Middle Path
  • Actions/Consequences/Reward
  • Desire/Conflict/Resolution
  • Idea/Process/Goal

Direction/Guidance Spreads

In moments of uncertainty, these spreads provide direction and guidance. They help break down complex situations, revealing underlying factors and suggesting steps forward.

  • Opportunities/Difficulties/Advice
  • Fear/Your Response/Better Response
  • Emotion/Emotion’s Source/Advice
  • Passion/Imagination/Logic
  • You/Your Position/Your Potential
  • Needs/Desires/Fears
  • Think/Feel/Do
  • Self/Other/Purpose
  • Brings Together/Pulls Apart/Focus
  • What Worked/What Didn’t Work/Lessons

Exploring Themes with Tarot

Personal Reflection

Three Card Spreads invite you to pause and reflect on your inner landscape, offering insights into your thoughts, emotions, and overall well-being.

Navigating Life’s Challenges

These spreads are tools for navigating the complexities of life, helping you to understand challenges and embrace opportunities.

Empowering Decision-Making

By clarifying different facets of a decision, Three Card Spreads empower you to make choices that are in harmony with your intentions and goals.

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