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ethics statement

A Different Kind of Tarot Reader

Let’s get real here: I’m not your run-of-the-mill tarot reader. If you’re looking for an oracle who promises the next Prince Charming is waiting just around the corner, you’re in the wrong place. Equally, if you’re hunting for a dialogue with celestial beings or spirits, you won’t find it here. I’m not a medium, and I don’t profess to liaise with the ethereal.

Instead, what I offer is a straightforward, no-nonsense journey into the abyss of introspection. Tarot, to me, is not about fortune-telling but a thought-provoking instrument, a reality check that challenges perceptions and offers guidance. It’s about exploring hard truths, not cushioning them in comforting but false promises.

Respect for All Spiritual Perspectives

I work with people from all spiritual backgrounds and none, providing a unique perspective while honouring the breadth of their beliefs. My personal identification with ignosticism is a viewpoint I own, but it isn’t a blueprint I impose on others. It’s a perspective that acknowledges a greater ‘something’ beyond our comprehension – beyond our senses.

Over the centuries, attempts have been made to articulate this unfathomable entity, to encapsulate it within human-made constructs like ‘God’ or ‘Spirit.’ But here’s the catch: these terms are inherently limiting, unable to truly convey the boundless nature of the divine.

The myriad gods and spirits conceived by humans are diverse, often nebulous, and sometimes conflict with each other, rendering them ineffectual for some. If they work for an individual, that’s wonderful, but they’re not universally applicable. Thus, instead of trying to label or define this ‘divine’, I embrace it as the ground of being – the origin from which both our subjective and objective experiences arise.

Your Tarot Journey: Connection, Support, and Exploration

During our tarot sessions, we embark on a journey towards deepening your connection with yourself and the world beyond – the ‘divine’ ground of being. I collaborate with your personal constructs and spiritual tools that resonate with you, supporting you on your spiritual journey. This journey is about immersing ourselves in the present moment, finding connection, and navigating the profound ties between you and the universe.

While I may incorporate the language of various spiritual traditions that I’ve been a part of and that resonate with me, I am not prescribing those beliefs to you. We might explore universally embraced practices, like meditation, but only if it feels right for you.

I’m not here to sell pipe dreams or convenient answers, just honest, intuitive tarot readings intended to deepen your understanding of yourself and your connection with the world. Welcome to a judgement-free zone rooted in reality. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Your Empowerment, Your Responsibility

At Tarot with Gord, my guiding philosophy is rooted in the power of self-responsibility and personal empowerment. This isn’t just a theoretical concept for me – it’s the driving force behind my approach to tarot reading. My role as a no-nonsense tarot reader is akin to a lantern-bearer, illuminating the hidden corners of your inner world and bringing to light the truths that may be hidden in the shadows. However, it’s important to remember that while I may be the one illuminating these aspects, it is ultimately you who are responsible for navigating your own life journey.

The tarot can reveal a lot about the path ahead of you, but its purpose is not to prescribe a specific course of action. For instance, if the cards suggest a significant change on the horizon, it merely serves as a signpost. Deciding how to respond to this impending change, whether to welcome it or resist it, is entirely in your hands. The tarot serves as a compass, providing directions and possible outcomes. However, you are the one at the helm, steering the ship. The power to shape your own life and to make choices that resonate with your personal truth lies within you. The cards may guide you, but the choices and the responsibility for those choices ultimately rest with you.

Entertainment, Not a Lifeline

When engaging with tarot readings, it’s important to keep in perspective their intended role in our lives. They are, first and foremost, a form of entertainment. As such, they serve as a fascinating platform for introspection and self-exploration, unveiling layers of our consciousness that we might not typically confront. Tarot readings are designed to provide a unique viewpoint to your life’s journey, presenting a mirror to your experiences, aspirations, dilemmas, and internal dynamics. They challenge our perceptions and stimulate a deeper understanding of ourselves and the situations we face.

However, while tarot readings offer a rich tapestry of insights, they aren’t designed to replace professional advice or treatment. The interpretation of each card, like the Four of Swords suggesting a time for rest, should be seen as metaphoric, indicative of a need for introspection or a shift in approach, rather than a literal direction. If a tarot reading highlights potential areas of concern in your life, it’s not a cue to discard established professional advice. Whether it’s medical, legal, or financial issues, always consult with qualified professionals who are equipped with the necessary expertise to guide you. Remember, the tarot provides a compass for personal reflection, but it doesn’t hold the key to specialised knowledge areas.

Respect for the Craft

Tarot is a spiritual practice steeped in cultural history. It’s important to respect the heritage of the cards while also appreciating the personal insights they bring. When I work with the tarot, it’s not about pulling a rabbit out of a hat; it’s about embarking on an introspective journey. It’s about flipping over the Star card and diving into a conversation about your hopes and dreams, rather than making wild predictions.

My Ethical Promises to You:

  • Age Limit: Because my readings can get pretty raw and real, I only offer my services to clients aged 18 and above.
  • Confidentiality: What happens in a reading, stays in a reading. I treat your personal information with the same care I’d want for my own, only sharing it if legally required or if you explicitly give your consent.
  • Guidance, Not Therapy: My approach is all about guidance, support, and a sprinkle of positivity to help you figure stuff out. But remember, while the cards might bring up deep feelings, I’m not a trained therapist or life coach. If the Eight of Cups prompts a conversation about moving on from something that’s no longer serving you, I’m here to support you, but it’s always wise to consult with a mental health professional for therapeutic support.
  • Refund Policy: Not feeling the resonance with your reading? No worries. I offer refunds as outlined in my terms and conditions. But, please note, refunds aren’t available for services I don’t offer. If you’re after a mediumship session or future predictions, you won’t find that here.
  • Events and Courses: From online meditations to tarot classes, I host a variety of events. Whether it’s a face-to-face reading at a local fair or an online group session on Zoom, the same ethical standards apply.
  • Fees: Sometimes, change is necessary. If I need to adjust my fees, I’ll always let you know ahead of time via my mailing list.
  • Limitations: While tarot is a fantastic tool for guidance, it’s important to remember its limitations. For instance, if you’re seeking legal advice or a medical diagnosis, I strongly recommend consulting a professional in that field. A tarot reading won’t be able to provide the information you need in these situations.
  • Queries and Concerns: If you’ve got a question or a concern, don’t be a stranger. You can reach out to me via the “Get in Touch” page on my website, or you can schedule a discovery call.

Remember, by engaging with my services, you agree to abide by these guidelines. It’s all about maintaining a safe, respectful, and inclusive space for everyone to enjoy. Ta!

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