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Love’s complexities can often leave us bewildered, but the Romance Autopsy peels back the layers to reveal the raw truth about your relationships. In this 45-minute tarot reading, we dissect the heart of your love life, examining the current state, underlying issues, and the steps needed for deeper connections. Available live on Zoom or in person in Manchester, this session is about cutting through the romantic entanglements to offer you clarity and direction in love, with no fluff or sugar coating.

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What You’ll Get

  • Guided Meditation: A tailored meditation session focused on opening your heart and healing, designed to complement the insights from your reading and help you navigate the complexities of love with grace and confidence.
  • Tarot Spread Detail: A revealing 7-card spread that lays bare the dynamics of your love life, from your needs and your partner’s perspective to actionable steps for improving communication and deepening your connection.
  • Personal Insights: Straight talk on your romantic situation, offering clear, actionable advice. I’ll help you understand the nuances of your relationships, spotlight areas for improvement, and guide you toward healthier, more fulfilling connections.
  • Reflection Journal: A specially designed journal that includes:
    • A visual of the cards pulled during your reading.
    • Journal prompts inspired by the reading to help you reflect on your relationships and how to cultivate deeper connections.
    • My personal reflections on the meaning of the cards in the context of your love life.

Why Romance Autopsy?

Whether you’re navigating the seas of a new relationship, steering through the storms of a long-term partnership, or picking up the pieces post-breakup, Romance Autopsy offers the insights you need to understand your love life better. This reading isn’t about easy answers; it’s about confronting the truth, understanding your needs and those of your partner, and taking steps towards genuine, lasting love.

How It Works

  1. Book Your Session: Choose a convenient time for your session, whether you prefer the intimacy of an in-person reading in Manchester or the convenience of a live Zoom session.
  2. Experience Your Reading: Dive into a 45-minute session where we explore the heart of your romantic life, uncovering the truths that lie beneath the surface.
  3. Reflect & Grow: Engage with your personalized reflection journal and guided meditation to process the insights and guidance from your reading, fostering growth and healing in your love life.

About Your Tarot Reader

With a passion for the truth and a deep understanding of the tarot’s wisdom in matters of the heart, I offer readings that go beyond the superficial. My approach is direct and honest, aimed at providing you with the clarity and direction needed to navigate your relationships with wisdom and heart.

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Give the Gift of Insight

If you’re in search of a truly unique and thoughtful gift, consider giving the gift of insight with a Romance Autopsy tarot reading. This isn’t just any present; it’s an experience that offers reflection, guidance, and a deeper understanding of life’s intricate tapestries. Perfect for friends, family members, or that special someone who appreciates the profound and the personal.

By clicking the button below, you can personalize your gift with the recipient’s name and a heartfelt message from you. You’ll receive a beautifully designed, downloadable gift voucher. This voucher allows your loved one to schedule their Romance Autopsy session at their convenience, available both online and in person, ensuring a moment of discovery, clarity, and empowerment that’s all about them.

Book Now

If you’re ready to uncover the truths of your love life and move towards more meaningful connections, book your Romance Autopsy reading today. Let’s explore the path to love that’s not just about finding the right one, but being the right one.

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