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As the seasons change, so does our need to refresh and renew our lives. The Spring Clean tarot reading is a 60-minute deep dive into your personal growth, shedding old habits, and embracing new opportunities with the arrival of spring. This session is designed to help you shake off the winter’s chill and step into spring with clarity, purpose, and a sense of renewal. Available live on Zoom or in person in Manchester, it’s the perfect way to align with the energy of growth and rejuvenation that spring brings.

Twelve tarot cards in a circle

What You’ll Get

  • Guided Meditation: A custom meditation session focused on renewal and growth, helping you to connect with the vibrant energy of spring and integrate the insights from your tarot reading into your life.
  • Tarot Spread Detail: A 12-card spread arranged in a circle, like a clock, to reflect the cycle of the season and your life. This spread covers where you are now, what’s beginning to sprout in your life, habits to leave behind, how to nourish your new growth, and the overall vibe for the season.
  • Personal Insights: Direct and insightful interpretations aimed at clearing the cobwebs and illuminating your path forward. I’ll offer guidance on how to embrace the energy of spring, leveraging opportunities for personal growth and shedding what no longer serves you.
  • Reflection Journal: This bespoke journal includes:
    • A visual snapshot of the circular card spread from your session.
    • Journal prompts designed to help you reflect on the themes of renewal and growth in your life, encouraging deeper introspection and action.
    • My personal commentary on each card and its implications for your journey into the new season.

Why Spring Clean?

Spring Clean goes beyond the physical act of clearing out clutterβ€”it’s about internal cleansing and renewal. It’s for anyone looking to revitalize their energy, set new intentions, and blossom alongside the spring. This reading helps you identify and nurture the new growth in your life, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a fresh start or looking to reinvigorate their journey with renewed vigour and clarity.

How It Works

  1. Book Your Session: Select a convenient time for your reading, with options for both live Zoom sessions and in-person meetings in Manchester.
  2. Experience Your Reading: Participate in a 60-minute session focused on tapping into the transformative energy of spring, uncovering areas for growth, and identifying what needs to be released.
  3. Reflect & Grow: Use the reflection journal and guided meditation to further explore the insights from your reading, applying them to your life to foster personal growth and renewal.

About Your Tarot Reader

As your guide through this seasonal transition, I bring a blend of intuitive insight and practical wisdom to each reading. My goal is to empower you to embrace change, growth, and renewal, helping you to align with the energies of spring and move forward with confidence and clarity.

Tarot with gord: tarot, without the bs. Tarot reading in manchester

Give the Gift of Insight

If you’re in search of a truly unique and thoughtful gift, consider giving the gift of insight with a Spring Clean tarot reading. This isn’t just any present; it’s an experience that offers reflection, guidance, and a deeper understanding of life’s intricate tapestries. Perfect for friends, family members, or that special someone who appreciates the profound and the personal.

By clicking the button below, you can personalize your gift with the recipient’s name and a heartfelt message from you. You’ll receive a beautifully designed, downloadable gift voucher. This voucher allows your loved one to schedule their Spring Clean session at their convenience, available both online and in person, ensuring a moment of discovery, clarity, and empowerment that’s all about them.

Book Now

Ready to open the windows of your soul and let in the fresh air of spring? Book your Spring Clean tarot reading today and start this new season with a clear path, renewed energy, and a heart open to growth and opportunities.

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